I know too much …

I’ve had a horrible day. The Spinal Calamity has been blissfully unaware, but I’m overdosed on adrenaline and anxiety. It’s been fuse the back day.

First I decided I’d clean the flat from side to side (top to bottom is reserved for houses!) but I’d got tingles and wobbly knees.

Then I had a stab at planning the route for June/July but I need a better map than the France guide and road atlas I currently use. (I’ve realised I’ve been missing out on some really cool places by not researching thoroughly enough – it’s time to get organised to a degree, but only a small degree!)

So I tried playing patience and word solitaire on the laptop, but I have no concentration.

I would’ve gone for a long mooch with the pooch but the plumber was due and then we’d have to turn off the whole complex’s water thanks to my unfavourite water company, so that the under-sink leak could be fixed.

Mainly though, I was catastrophising about all the things that could go wrong from glucose levels through to anaesthetic disasters, bleed outs to spinal cord severance whilst waiting for a respectable time to ring the ward and find out if K was out of theatre (it’s a long op, 3-4 hours).

Since a certain Beloved died in theatre I haven’t taken well to having family in hospital, and having all this nursey stuff still in my head is a bummer – retirement unfortunately hasn’t dimmed my knowledge and I’ve always had a vivid imagination. I really need to travel more and forget it …

So at what I felt was a respectable hour I phoned – still in theatre, worried now as it’s been far too long. Phoned an hour later and she’s in recovery. Phoned again an hour and a half later, still in recovery, but this time the ward nurse was able to tell me why. Blood glucose levels (long story, and you my regular reader would be bored to tears with it) were completely up the spout so before they could start operating they had to get consultant endocrinologist involved, and now she’s in recovery and they won’t release her to the ward until con.end. okays it.

I feel somewhat reassured now I know it’s all being sorted – enough that my adrenaline levels have dropped sufficiently that I’m physically in a more comfortable state – and the plumber has been, so we’re finally a leak free zone.

I’ve decided that I’ll take The Smart One into RBH later, if only to watch her sleeping for a couple of minutes, so both of us can de-stress.


Think calm …

Daughters – who’d have ’em?

😟  😟  😟

6 thoughts on “I know too much …

  1. Brave you for being there for someone, for writing down just how tough it is & for being a fully paid up member of that wonderful club ‘caring femininity’ …… Oh! & for being a m/homer too. Thinking of you & here’s to a happy ending.

    1. Thanks Steve – today was hard but we popped over to see her and apart from being a bit dopey (nothing new there then!) she’s doing well. I’m off to buy some maps and plan my trip due to start at the end of May! Hope all is well (and warm) with you x

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