The case of the missing Stopcock.

So along came Thames Water to mend our stopcock. They dug this hole and left this mess behind a guardfence (note the water filled hole bottom left). After a week I complained that not only had they mended the wrong stopcock they still hadn’t cleared up the mess … so they came back and cleared the mess. They came back again, after I’d phoned them back and reminded them that they still hadn’t found the correct stopcock, and we now have another hole, complete with another guardfence … no sign of them coming to fill in the hole or clear the mess …

… and they still haven’t found the stopcock.


The only entrance to two flats.

Today I had a text from Thames Water asking me to rate my satisfaction with their performance …

🙂 🙂 🙂

8 thoughts on “The case of the missing Stopcock.

  1. You’re lucky. When we had a water meter fitted they (the outsourced company working for the privatised water company) filled the pipe work with so much mud and gravel which was then was then pumped through the water softener and wrecked the internal stopcock, three mixer taps and the dishwasher. Still, after a call to them with some threats they got an emergency plumber out at 9pm on a Friday night , new taps and a replaced everything else. So that’s where our Water Rates go!

  2. There I was, digging this hole, hole in the ground, so big and sorta round.;)
    Do you remember what happened to the bloke in the bowler hat? 😉

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