Something to do …

I had to do Something whilst waiting around to nurse the Spinal Calamity, who by the way has a date for the belt and braces version of spinal fusion. She will be having a bone graft and scaffolding from L4 down to S1 on March 2nd – which means, all being well, I shall be free to travel again on May 25th.

I will not tolerate post-op infections, complications, mobilisation delays, whinging or complaining. She will have a text book recovery and I am unanimous in that declaration. I have places to go, people to visit and photographs to take …

Before the navy dress, starched pinny, petersham belt with Hospital buckle, white cuffs and frilly hat go back on (not forgetting the black shoes and stockings) I’m off for a quick Midlands Meander with BB the weekend after next whilst the Spinal Calamity is semi-mobile and vaguely capable of looking after herself – third time lucky hopefully, and this time I’ll not get an early recall.

All of which brings me back to the Something I’ve been doing as stir-crazy prevention therapy. A blogging friend, Roland Ladley, has written and published two books (excellent, fast paced spy-type thrillers I highly recommend, available on Amazon Kindle) and his third will be published soon. Not to be outdone – I now have three new books in print and the fourth in production … OK the plots are a bit thin and the narrative is crap but the pictures are great …

My Books

😊  😊  😊

P.S. Love you K!

2 thoughts on “Something to do …

  1. Bless you! My first blog recommendation! We, as you know, are in the country for a bit and open to meet up. And we should, hopefully for us late April, be travelling abroad at the same time. So…lots of chances. Roland (the author).

    1. Doubt that it’ll be over here as The Op is now so close and for 6 weeks after she is going to be too movement restricted for me to get away (what did I do to deserve this?). But I’ll keep an eye on where you are and maybe we’ll make it on the other side!! Maggie (the photograher).
      P.S. Book 4 is now in print – eat your heart out!!

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