I should know by now that if I make complicated plans too far in the future the chance they will fall apart is exponentially increased the closer to their execution I get, usually at my own deciding, but this time it was totally out of my hands …


Spout for plans to travel up!

K has had her MRI and follow up appointment. As we strongly suspected from her symptoms both of the culprit discs have slipped out again and are bulging even more than last time. Over the past six weeks the spasms and pain have increased to a severe level and other never before experienced symptoms have raised their nasty heads above the parapets. Peering at the MRI with the Doc he said, “It isn’t good”; Me “It’s crap”,  Doc “I agree, it’s crap”; Nurse, who has obviously never heard of neurolinguistic programming, to Doc “You can’t say that!”; Doc “Why not? It’s true”

The upshot is that she will have spinal fusion within 8 weeks. Unfortunately, but understandably, the off work (with severe movement restrictions for the first 6 weeks) no driving time is doubled from the decompression op she had last time, to 12 weeks in total. I won’t be able to make Barcelona with BB in April. I shall remain out of retirement and continue doing the nursie stuff until mid-June.

😩 😩 😩

However, BB and I now have plans to postpone Barcelona ’til October. This will fit in neatly with the newly arranged plan to spend this years Yule in Motril with the Bezzies! Central Spain can be fitted in neatly before the weather turns too. Likewise the visit to R&J … and perhaps a return to Portugal Jan/Feb time. Plan under consideration for June/July is France, well until the French start their hols that is …


🤗 🤗 🤗

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