More Moor

Still got the claggy weather, lousy light for photography (don’tcha just love editing suites?) but enjoyed a bit of a drive over the moor.



HMP Dartmoor

The outside of the HMP Dartmoor in Princetown is exceeding grim and I can’t begin to imagine how it felt to be incarcerated there in 1809 when the first prisoners were admitted. Originally built to inter thousands of French prisoners from the Napoleonic wars they were joined by Americans in 1813. With the end of the wars all remaining prisoners, many had died of diseases in the extremely overcrowded conditions, were repatriated to their respective countries. The prison was then closed until 1850 when it was reopened as a prison for convicted criminals. Having been a high category in the past, today it is a low category prison.

Moretonhampstead had no parking for R0X1 but we had fun a clambering over Postbridge clapper bridge. The clapper bridge dates back to the 12th century and has survived uncountable floods of the East Dart river. The “modern bridge” has also survived many a torrent.

Postbridge, “modern” and clapper bridge

Got back to site and with less than 24 hours left here I finally managed to get R0X level on the ramps!

Off to the Bezzies tomorrow and a few wine-o-clocks!

🍷 🍷 🍷

8 thoughts on “More Moor

    1. I’m currently using the Penscratch theme but I think you can randomise the photos in other themes too. Just go into appearance/headers/headerimage/randomise – choose your favourite images from your library and away you go, as long as you don’t forget to save! I’ve got about 17 photos at the moment but after your prompting am about to add a couple “moor”!!

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