Deepest, darkest, (dearest) Devon.

We arrived yesterday and I’d quite forgotten how much I love my home county. For the first trip of this year I’m spending a few days in Devon, prior to visiting the Bezzies just over the border in Cornwall. The plan was to introduce LWD to Dartmoor, unfortunately for today at least, the weather decided not to cooperate. I know the moor well enough not to go wandering alone when there’s very low cloud, drizzle and patchy fog. Instead we caught the bus into Tavi from the campsite, and yes at this time of year in this neck of the moors I need the umbilical cord firmly attached to the national grid, and was immediately delighted to be back in Devon. LWD was welcomed on to the bus, the driver greeted me with an enquiry about my health today, and once in the ancient stannary town I was surrounded by broad Devon accents and heard words such as “backalong” – mmm, home – nice to be back!

Tavistock, a longtime favourite, is a lively town on the river Tavy, and looks totally “uncorporate” having more independent shops than usual and stolid Victorian buildings, including the Pannier market. Today the town was full of warm friendly Devonians (hardly a grockle in sight!) chattering in groups and hailing one another across the street, not a few of whom also greeted LWD (not one shop denied her admittance) and me.

Despite the dreary day we had a goodun …

🙂 🙂 🙂

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