Hospital admission

… no not K – yet. She’s due her MRI January 3rd and hopefully back op. soon after.

R0X1 went into motorhome hospital today for cosmetic surgery, at long last, after a four month wait for the insurance assessor to look at some photos and then tick a box. I had a long chat with Shane, manager of the repair company, (but in his previous existence as a motorhome sales manager, the very person who sold R0X1 to me!) and rather than wait 14 weeks lead time for parts (and knowing Adria 14 weeks will have been an underestimate) we agreed to go with the fibreglass repair rather than the new parts route. She’s due for discharge on Wednesday. 3 days or at least 3 1/2 months? – bit of a no brainer really.

Daize and I are ensconced in the flat with K and The Smart One. We’ve swapped the rooms around a bit which has given us more space, especially useful when we’re joined by J&B for Christmas.

We’ve been down to TQ to see J&B for a few days and I’m looking forward to catching up with BB somewhere in the Midlands soon (but not at Cropredy where green railings jump out at one’s rear end!)

🙂 🙂 🙂

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