Living the advert …

There was an advert some years ago, I think it might’ve been for an alcoholic beverage of some kind, not that I would ever imbibe as my regular reader knows. Anyway this advert showed a guy battling his way through hurricane force winds (we don’t have hurricanes in this country), monsoon rains (we don’t have monsoons in this country), lightning, thunder, floods (all of which we do have) – he reaches the hostelry takes a deep draught of a refreshing beverage, sighs and says ” … and I’m not looking forward to the journey home”

I know how he felt.

In Dieppe I parked up in the Aire next door to the ferry terminal at about 18.00 hrs. Tom had nagged a devious route from Honfleur which involved almost approaching Dieppe from the west, looping around it to the south and reapproaching from the east, which added only 40 0r 50 extra kilometres to the drive. I wasn’t in the best state of mind. LWD and I went for a bit of a wander and I exercised her cowardly streak by dragging taking her across one of those slatted wooden footpaths on a bouncy bridge which she so loves. The wind bracingly blew away the cobwebs and my mood improved.

Returning to R0X1 I fed us both (LWD had a fish/veg stir fry and I had kibble) and by the time I’d done the washing up and decided to get my head down really early because of the stupid-o-clock start R0X1 was rocking and rolling. The torrential rain on the roof was sufficient noise and the truck dirty dancing sufficient movement to ensure I got no more than an hours doze before we drove round the corner to queue for the ferry. I was well chuffed to be at the front. At 04.00 I was even weller chuffed to be approached by a rather dishy young frenchman – until he opened his mouth and announced that I should’ve had an email telling me the ferry was cancelled. I was given the choice of waiting for the evening ferry or going to Calais. Bearing in mind the Smart One’s disappointment (not to mention that of his mother) if I wasn’t there when he got home from school I opted for the drive to Calais.

Unfortunately I drove faster than the storm which was heading east from Dieppe … I battled through hurricane force winds (they don’t have hurricanes in France), monsoon rains (they don’t have monsoons in France) and the darkest of dark nights to reach the Calais terminal where there was no hostelry offering of a refreshing beverage but there was another hunky young frenchman who informed that due to high winds the ferry was delayed … but I was just in time to get on it!! So I was waved straight on and had the quickest (but somewhat lumpy) crossing ever – I slept through it!


New village sign

The sun was shining brightly in Dover … and I was home for lunch.

🙂 🙂 🙂


2 thoughts on “Living the advert …

  1. Ouch, that was close! Glad you crossed safely. Enjoy family time!

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