The trouble with diesel

Fed up with heavy rain, wind, grey skies and cold weather in the south I hot footed it up north where it is for the moment very chill but much brighter.

The sights on the way north

As usual when I start patting myself on the back having done something clever, yesterday morning turned into a nightmare. Having found an Aire to park overnight, early yesterday I put the coordinates in the satNag for the nearest fuel station as the “gazole” warning light was threatening to overheat. What I had no idea of is that 11th November is a “férié” in France, a bank holiday. The first garage I went to was so well camouflaged, I never found it. The next only had right side filling and short hoses. The next was closed for the bank holiday. At this point Tom announced I couldn’t enter any more way points. I swore. Having done the necessary deletions I tried another station, closed. Finally I found a filling station with double sided pumps and it was open. Hoorah, as the needle was on empty by this point.

It did however have the slowest dispensing of any pump I’ve ever been to and I have to admit I “fell asleep” with the tank half full only to waken to a splashing sound, when both I and the guy using the other side of the pump discovered that neither of the the autostops on our respective pumps were working. We both swore. Not so bad you say, at least the tank was full … yeah, and I had to fork out extra for the spillage as the price kept running whilst the diesel overflowed and then failed to enter the blocked drain, pooled and soaked my new purple desert boots. £70 straight in the bin … only bought them just before I left home … and I loved them.

It was a couple of hours driving later when fumes were making me feel extremely sick that I discovered my jeans had been splashed too …

My mood was greatly improved, much later once the fumes had subsided, by a visit to a patisserie and the purchase of not one but two tiny delicacies … teeny … minute … minuscule … wee … and bloody lovely! Especially when washed down with a small plastic of chardonnay … Vive les tartelettes francaises …

🙂 🙂 🙂

2 thoughts on “The trouble with diesel

  1. Oh oh oh dear Maggie! We feel for you! But you are so optimistic! Hope to see you on your way back!

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