Forever blowing bubbles

(Just to set the scene, in common with a lot of moho owners as I leave a site I empty the grey water tank and then leave the drain open to air the tank whilst I’m driving – saves the nasty niffs building up.)

Yesterday saw a bit of a disaster. I have no idea how it happened but whilst underway the full bottle of washing up liquid escaped from its confines near the sink and, as it fell, must’ve hit the pump at the correct angle to loosen it. By the time I parked up at the overnight stop all the liquid had spilled over the worktops down the cupboards and onto the floor. Being a somewhat viscous liquid a lot of it stayed attached to aforementioned worktop and cupboards but it did mean that the liquid on the floor had not spread too far. The pump and now empty bottle being separately at ease on their sides in the middle of said puddle.

Having no previous experience of the task at hand, I made the error of trying to clear it up by using the washing-up sponge and rinsing it out under the tap …

Big mistake, huge. Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman

but I eventually managed to persuade the inevitable mountain range of bubbles down the sink into the grey water tank …

only to burst into almost hysterical laughter every time I envision all the bubbles trailing out of the drain in my wake as I make my way to the next site …


Forever blowing bubbles

😂 😂 😂

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