Pink tutus

Couldn’t resist another try at the Carmargue after the mozzie disaster of my first visit and leaving Port St Louis du Rhône continued further on in.

Port de St. Louis de Rhône

Visiting a domaine on the way to try (and buy) some vin de Sable (a teeny-tiny wine o’clock at midday!) I headed to Aigues-Mortes an old fortified town with all it’s softly coloured sandstone walls still intact; very touristy but not at all tacky. This seems to be an area that mainly the French tourist to at this time of year – since I’ve been in France I’ve seen only one other GB moho and only a scatter or two of NL and D otherwise solidly F and rather a lot of them. Think the other nationalities have headed in the Iberian direction.


The folk of the Carmargue are very pragmatic, interspersed amongst the many reed beds, to keep the sandy soil together, is many a vinyard. A lot of the étangs (ponds) are very low or dried up at this time of year but plenty more are full of wild birds and here that includes the pink tutued flamingo by the thousands. It  also means the mozzies are out for my blood but fortunately not as aggressively as when I was here in September 14. Still after three nights of bites I thought “enough already” and headed west.


Pink tutus

Wanderlings, if you’re still in the Narbonne area next week send me the gps coordinates and I’ll pop in and say Hi before I start heading north again.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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