The great idea

There were a couple of disappointments but many more delights on the drive down the lower Rhône valley. Unfortunately the roads didn’t follow the river as closely as I’d hoped – I realised afterward that the map I’m using is not large scale so what looked like a close relationship, wasn’t. Still there were some close encounters but usually nowhere to park … So I amused myself with little side trips up the valleys of some of the tributaries, annoying many a French driver with my slow speed, along very pretty, windy steep routes. I admired many a vineyard, delighting in the gorgeous autumn colours of the vine leaves and totally at ease with the lack of grapes – as this means next years vintage is well on its way!

Arriving in Avignon I decided a quiet weekend was in order and headed for the site recommended by Meriam and Paul, much better than the site I used on my previous visit, but unfortunately full of half-terming school kids!! I comforted myself with a salmon crepe for lunch on Monday, a superbly warm and sunny afternoon in the south of France, and helped it on its way down my alimentary tract with a sip or two of vin blanc. I’m back in T-shirts and sandals but haven’t yet braved shorts or cut offs. Bliss!

Today, via Arles, marked the end of the road at Port du St Louis du Rhône. This is the first port on the Rhône, or the last depending on which way you’re navigating, and was obviously once a thriving dockland area. All that is left of the port now is a large marina, some old abandoned warehouses, rusting crane rails and the first/last lock on the river.

The Rhône

Now, where next?

🙂 🙂 🙂

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