Hey Fellas …

… I got a great idea. (Michael Caine, The Italian Job)

We came off the Haut Jura down some very steep and squiggly roads losing altitude a lot faster than we gained it going up, and it has seemed a little surreal that for the past couple of days we have been parked literally on the edge of the beautiful, and large, Lac du Bourget surrounded by the mountains we descended from.


On a couple of occasions I caught a glimpse of the very young R. Rhône also making its way off the heights and this gave me an idea, I looked on the map and it can be done. From here I’m headed for Valence and then will make my way down the Rhône valley all the way to it’s estuary and the Carmargue. I made the mistake of telling BB my plan in a phone call – he says I’ll be drinking my way down the Rhône valley. That’s the problem with big brothers, they know you too well!

🙂 🙂 🙂

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