Grinning again

So where was I? Oh yes, leaving the Chateau and on my way down the mountain – can’t say that driving up and down in that lot was much fun. Fog cleared as soon as we were down to earth so to speak and we sped along to Colmar. Had the coordinates for a stopover but my heart started to sink as we drove into the town/city; very busy, noisy and I couldn’t see any sign of the medieval buildings, so paused long enough to look up a campsite (need to do some washing) reasonably close and drove off with no idea of where we were going other than the new GPS coordinates.

Within 20 minutes I was grinning from ear to ear and my regular reader will be aware what that means – squiggly, steep roads (no fog now) – and up we drove. Haven’t had so much driving fun since February. The road peaked at about 1,800m but the ski lift there seemed to go up a great deal more; it was running but just for walkers, pas de la neige. We descended about 1,000m to the campsite nestled in a beautiful valley between two lakes, one big, one small. Management here very friendly and helpful, shower/toilet block heated, and peace and tranquility reigns. Another corker of a site.

The first walk was round the smaller lake, Lac de Retournemer, LWD had one (or several) of her hypomanic moments  amongst the autumn leaves, racing round and round, growling with delight. At this altitude it’s a wee bit nippy so the (expensive, but so worth it) new winter coat has been deployed.


Today’s walk was alongside the very much larger Lac de Longemer, unfortunately the weather wasn’t as nice, low cloud and drizzle, but her ladyship and I enjoyed it.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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