Destruction and restorations.

My guide book assured me that Strasbourg is the very vibrant, cosmopolitan capital city of Alsace, and the crossroads of Europe. Apologies to Arsène Wenger but that doesn’t sound like the kind of place LWD and I like so Colmar “the best preserved city” according to aforementioned guidebook, became the ultimate destination with the town of Chatenois and it’s free motorhome stopover site the choice for an overnight. I’m heading for a fall saying this I know, but excellent choice once again. What a pretty and interesting little town Chatenois is; the centre beautifully restored twice, first after the town’s destruction in the 30 years war and again following a fire which totally destroyed the centre in 1879.


Next morning through lots of low cloud reminiscent of the approach to Monastir de Monserrat, we found our way up the mountain (755m) to the restored Chateau de Haute Koenigsbourg. For once I pulled out the purse and paid the 9€ entrance fee – would’ve been at least £20 at home, so a bit of a bargain. The original strategically significant chateau was probably built in the C12th became abandoned and was restored for the first time in the late C15th; burned and looted after the 30 years war it was once again abandoned for over two hundred years. In 1900 restoration started, this time Kaiser “Bill” footed the bill. In 1918 after completion Alsace became French once again. LWD wasn’t allowed in and just as well, several drawbridges (she hates slatted bridges) and three spiral stairs (not too keen on them either) – I loved it.

Chateau de Haute Koenigsbourg

Then we headed for Colmar …

🙂 🙂 🙂

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