SatNag woes

I regard myself as a Devonian, it is my adopted county and the place in which I’ve lived longest. As an expat Torquinian therefore, I had a huge laugh when I passed a particular road sign. Like most other Torquinians I’ve spent many years trying to say the name of the Torquay bypass – the road was named in honour of our twin town. So I decided that a visit was in order – Tom decided otherwise, completely denying the existence of Hellevoetsluis; probably because he can’t pronounce it either! I still made the attempt but in the sprawl that is the Europoort near Rotterdam (thousands of wharves) I was totally unable to find the exit for the A15. So I filled up with LPG and diesel, used the filling station forecourt to do a u-ey and headed for Germany. Unfortunately Tom decided that that destination wasn’t an option either as he hadn’t any maps for Germany – they’re all in the cloud and I had to download them. Not a problem I had a town destination to aim for just over the Dutch border, arrived, parked up in an out of town car park and my hosts came to lead me in the final couple of kilometres. They also taught me how to pronounce Hellevoetsluis!!

Now as my regular reader will be aware I never feel the need to rant … BUT … Tom also decided to make it impossible for me to download my paid for maps of Germany by denying the existence of my password, and further denying me the ability to change to a new password. I shall be having words with customer services on my return to the UK.

We had a fantastic long weekend with Meriam and Paul a warm and funny couple, who are the most generous hosts. They opened their home to us, fed me, provided R0X1 with electricity, took us out and about on some lovely long walks, and we did some sightseeing but I’m certain their Cairn terrier Cookie, a gorgeous and sweet 12 yr old, was today very glad to see the back of the very energetic and playful Daize. LWD has been on top form!

My current change of plans therefore, has been forced on me as I have only GPS coordinates for the German Aires/Campsites and without Satnag Tom I can’t find them. Deutschland is off the menu.

I am however still going Lorraine and Alsace, I shall just be a little earlier than planned and arriving via the Netherlands and Belgium. This is not necessarily a problem – I’ll just have longer in the rather warmer south of France afterwards. Oh dear, life is so hard…

🙂 🙂 🙂

5 thoughts on “SatNag woes

  1. Hello. I know how to pronounce Hellevoetsluis too (grew up in Holland :-D)
    Just thought I’d mention re GPS coords, do you know you can put them into Google Maps or eg. the app and see where they are? Seems a shame to cancel your plans..

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