Escape to the Country

I have to admit that when I decided that I had to get out of Brugge fast, away from the noise and crowds I grabbed the campsite guide and went for the first over the border rural-looking site I found. Once again my instincts have proved just fine.

Halfway between 2 small towns Chaam and Alphen, the last 3 days have been spent in blissful peace and tranquillity on the edge of a large area of woodland. I have walked the LWD’s little socks off (8-10K each day) and said peace and tranquillity has been interrupted only once, when I got shouted at (in Dutch) by a couple of women riding rather large horses. I don’t know what I did to upset the two harridans, Daize and I were walking along the side of a quiet road as they came riding slowly toward us and I even moved us on to the verge and stopped to keep out of their way. I don’t know what was shouted, I replied in English and German that I didn’t understand and they shouted even louder; I didn’t understand them any better!

Once I’d arrived here I looked closer at the map and discovered that I wasn’t too far from Uden where Marlies my e-pal from the Blipfoto site lives. I emailed and invited her over and, bless her she came this morning. We had a great walk in the woods. Daisy barked at horses for the first time, I think she thought they were the same ones from yesterday and wanted to get her own shouting in! Marlies and I chatted and took photos and she departed after we’d lunched in R0X1 – it feels like I’ve known her for ages, she’s definitely no longer just an e-pal, she’s a friend. When we next meet we’ve decided bottle of Sauvignon blanc may well be emptied!



Tomorrow we move on to Kinderdijk and some windmills …

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “Escape to the Country

  1. Enjoy Kinderjilk- we went there this summer and loved it. We stayed in a fab aire with services and caught the boat up to Kinderjilk. The car park at the windmills seemed quite small from memory x

      1. Alblasserdam, NL. Private aire €15 all services inc 100mb internet and toilets and showers GPS n51.86106, e4.65799

  2. I really enjoyd my visit with you both, and you’re right. I came as a stranger and left as a friend! Next time we definitely have a zip or two Sauvignon blanc… 😉

    P.s. Great photo, but ow how tired I look… \o/

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