Left turn at Dunkerque.

We exited via Dover,



turned left at Dunkerque and arrived in Brugge after lunch. Brugge is all round pretty expensive (£19 per night just to park with electric but no facilities) and with the euro/pound almost at parity all points south and west are looking very tempting!

However Brugge is beautiful and well worth battling through the tourists hordes but selfiesticks are under serious contention for Room 101. I’m sure I could sue for assault with a deadly weapon!


However 2 nights was enough noise (and expense) and we were all companied out so we hopped over the border – well snail trailed really, and I thought the M6 was bad – and are now in a much cheaper, wonderfully rural and quiet site in Nederland!


7 thoughts on “Left turn at Dunkerque.

  1. Helloo..from Bonny Scotland..
    I have emailed some wedding pics..not sure if you have seen them….what an amazing day.just on the road back home now..its been glorious weather up ere


  2. Sorry! Of course you sent an email … I just did not notice it was yours… Have read and replied! Thanks.

  3. the way your going you will need to rent rooms 102 & 103 before the trip has finished. lol. Do you have a plan for the trip or are you winging it?

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