Room 101 (second choice)

I forget how many submissions are allowed to go down the chute of doom into Room 101 but there has to be space, after shallow kitchen sinks ( Room 101),  for my second choice – Insurance Companies.

Thirty-one years ago after Keith’s untimely death from an undiagnosable (at that time) congenital heart condition, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, he was posthumously accused by his life insurance company of taking out the policy knowing he was suffering from this problem and I was complicit in this. When my solicitor pointed out that undiagnosable meant that the condition could not be diagnosed therefore no-one could have known he was at risk, and that after nine months of non-payment he was increasing the amount of interest he would be charging on monies owed to me, they soon paid up. The whole business left a really sour taste … but life goes on, and I forgot what b*s*a*d* these companies can be.

It is currently my misfortune to be dealing with two other such companies;

  1. I had a reversing incident in R0X1 which damaged the bottom rear near side corner, exactly the spot that I cannot see either with the wing mirror or the dual reversing camera, maybe  a man might be useful after all ( I need a man … ) to spot these places for me when I reverse. I’m attempting to claim for repairs on my insurance. It has taken them over a month to decide that they need photos of the damage extra to those already sent (on August 27th!!!) and I had to call them (AGAIN) this morning to discover this …
  2. Daisy recently had some tests done to see if she has an underlying reason for her ear problems. Because the vet observed her ears were a bit smelly (but with no inflammation) at her first exam the day after I got her the insurance company are claiming this was an undisclosed condition and has refused to pay despite the fact that she didn’t have any ear infections until months after I insured her …

Uninsurable? 😦

I was considering taking out funeral insurance – but the mind boggles at what objections might be forthcoming when I expire … not to worry Kids, just chuck me in the sea with all those insurance terms and conditions attached to my body to weight me down …

🙂 🙂 🙂

4 thoughts on “Room 101 (second choice)

  1. Perhaps when they have repaired your motorhome, you can name them here as we never know if an insurance company is going to be a pain until a claim is made and then it’s to late. Hope it gets sorted out soon.

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