Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

My winter preparations are almost complete, I say almost as I’m bound to have forgotten something, but then I’m only going to Benelux and Germany and there are shops there – but afterwards, who knows? As my regular reader will have noticed previously, all plans are subject to change.

Cold weather wear was dumped out of the suitcase onto the bed and considered for possible future wear. A few items did not make the cut and were taken to the charity shop for another chance. Most warm weather gear exchanged places with the cold weather gear, and was put into the suitcase and “garaged”.

Remembering the dense chill of winter, even without snow, above 1,000 mtrs suffered in February I did decide to make one new purchase and hot footed to Rohan (favourite outdoor wear supplier) for a new winter coat (at 15% off as I donated a surplus to requirements jacket to their charity box).

After much net searching and not finding I rang the local JustTyres on the recommendation of a friend and found the manager very helpful. My choices were indeed limited due to wheel size but I elected to go for quality rather than cheapness and R0X1 is now sporting all singing, all dancing commercial winter tyres. As long as the dancing is minimal and the singing tuneful I’m happy.

And just in case I do manage to find some white stuff I’ve splashed out on a snow shovel and snow chains.

Previous white stuff

🙂 🙂 🙂

8 thoughts on “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

  1. We are close to a nice aire: Brasschaat near Antwerp, great walking place, swimming pool and sauna round the corner, and much more. Fancy a hot shower, a walk with a local, a guide to discover Antwerp? Welcome at our place, just contact us on our email address!
    One tip: do not drive into Antwerp city: roadworks are driving even the people living here mad!

  2. “Commercial Winter Tyres” – which ones exactly? And what size are your wheels? Interested to know how you get on with them. Also, is it advised to swap back to Summer rated ones?
    Top tip: get one of those Karcher window vacuums to get rid of all the condensation on your windows – they’re great!
    Happy travels

    1. Tyre size 215/70 15. Original tyres were VancoCampers but they don’t make those in a winter tyre. New tyres are Sailum (subsidiary of Firestone) Icebreakers. Can be left on all year round. I’ll send you a review when they’ve done a few more than 20 miles!! They look the business tho’

      Got a couple of dehumdifiers and also an absorbent wiper thingie from Lakeland for the windscreen, if that doesn’t work I’ll remember the Karcher – didn’t have any problems last winter …

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