Bull in a china factory

Last week Daize, R0X1 and I spent a few days in Penkridge. We met up with BB and the springers who were moored up in the Blue Buzzard near the Cross Keys where aeons ago I barmaided for a time. I walked down more than a few memory lanes and tow paths, bittersweet but warm. Also managed to spend a lovely lunch catching up with an old girlfriend; I’ll have to go back, there’s more catching up to be done.

September morn

BB wanted to chase down a bun tray. He’s into his cooking, especially cakes, I have to starve myself when I come away. Anyway we had to go into Wolverhampton for his bun tray and I was amazed at how beautiful many of the buildings in the town centre are, I’d never really looked at them before. All my travelling has made me look closer at whatever environment I’m in and I was in for a treat with all those Victorian excesses built by the nouveau riche industrialists. Who’da thought it – Wulver’amptun?  And me minus me camera …

We also went to Barlaston and the Josiah Wedgwood factory and museum. Although I lived near there for 10 years I’d not been before. The museum, restaurant and gift shops are new, part of a huge revamp and capital investment when Wedgwood was bought by a Finnish company a couple of years ago. The tour around the factory was fascinating with much of the work being done in a similar manner to when Josiah first started, although the kilns are a lot hotter and quicker these days.

A dinner set going through its final inspection before being shipped out to a middle eastern Sheik was especially mind blowing. Apparently he’s taken delivery of the first half but the remainder of the 19,000 piece set will be with him in a couple of months! I thought idly that BBs delicious tartlets couldn’t have tasted any better for being served on one of the Sheik’s plates, the smallest of which has cost him a mere thousand pounds.

Wedgwood visitor centre

🙂 🙂 🙂

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