Tyre advice please …

My autumn/winter plans include visiting some places that may get a wee bit on the parky side and I’ve been trying to research what to do about tyres. Storage would be very problematic if I were to purchase winter tyres and severely limit destinations as I might be where my tyres are not come changeover time. All season tyres sound a good idea but the Germans are apparently a little picky about which tyres meet their criteria – how do I know which will? Should I travel with snow chains aboard and if so, do I need  a pair or a full set?Instinct tells me that with 23ft of moho to control a full set would probably be best …. and so on.

Having unsuccessfully searched for independent advice/answers I decided to put my queries to the motorhomes forums and the only answer I got was, to paraphrase, that we motorhomers should be too gung-ho to worry about silly things like that.

So knowing one or even both my readers have driven in the cold times and places, what advice can you give me – even if it’s only where I can go to get reliable advice?

24 thoughts on “Tyre advice please …

  1. In the past we ran summer tyres in the summer winter in the winter – this year have been running all season. Less fussing changing over but as some countries what the “snow” mark it may be an issue,

    1. Cheers Andy. Haven’t got time to go too far south before Christmas and after I’ll have to get through the bad weather to get to the warmer …
      Has your van been sorted yet?

      1. Let me know when if you or when you are in my neighborhood and if you have the time for a chilled wine… 🙂

  2. I’ve put winter tyres on my motorhome & use them in the summer. I’ve not noticed any adverse effects (my tyre fitters said more noise but I haven’t noticed any) but it is too soon to say if the tyres give a drastically reduced life. The only thing that the tyre fitters said was not to mix summer & winter tyres. Snow chains would only need to be fitted to the driving wheels but make sure you practice fitting them in the dry as learning this on the side of the road in snow may not be the best idea.

    1. Si suggests AA for advice, will happily do that if you are not a member.
      He suggests if you decide on snow chains you need to be able to fit them😊
      Let us know if we can Bessies R&S

  3. I researched this and fitted Michelin CrossClimate tyres on my Mercedes. They are a reasonable price (ask me from where) and are apparently acceptable for driving in Germany. Car drives perfectly with them on in the summer too.
    Hope this helps?

      1. I bought them online at Tyre Shopper. They are a sister company to National Tyres Centres. When you buy them, you select a branch of National Tyres, they send them there and you make an appointment, and they fit them in the price you paid online for the tyres. Nothing more to pay. National Tyres originally quoted me around £550 for 4 tyres at my local branch. I eventually paid about half that for them to be fitted at the same place.

        Not sure if they make them to suit bus wheels?

  4. Hi Maggie. For me, if I need, or think I need snow chains that means ‘cold’. I don’t go there. Or I go there summertime when snow/ice is gone. X

  5. Hi. My Tyres are Michelin CP (Camping Pneau). They have “M+S” stamped on them, which I’m told stands for Mud + Snow. These, and a similar offering from Vanco are, I believe the only possibilities that will cope with the excessive weight of motorhomes.
    I have read, can’t remember where, that having the M+S is all that is needed to satisfy the varying legalities in different countries.
    HOWEVER mud and snow tyres they are NOT. We go uphill in the wet just as badly as your average fully laden motorhome with front wheel drive!
    I have no experience with snow chains, but I believe you only use them on your drive wheels.
    Sorry I can’t be of more help. Personally I’d avoid driving a front wheel drive motorhome in the snow at all costs. Good luck.

  6. On holiday and no internet, so I am reading this post a bit late. Anyway I was going to suggest Ju and Jay’s Our Tour blog! Always good advice there. But then again somebody else already told you! So that’s good!
    Success with making the right decision!

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