Pillow talk – health and safety


Yes love …

My belly doesn’t feel good, and I’ve been sick on two mornings now …

(Thinks; Did the “little operation” not work? Do I need a pregnancy test kit?)

… and I’m having problems doing number twos.

Do you need to go to the vet?

NO!  You just took me,  you didn’t even give me a choice, and he stuck a needle in my neck.

That was your vaccination booster. And I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth investing in your future health Greedyguts, as you’ve only got yourself to blame for your current discomfort.


You’ve got the same problem a doggie family member from a long time ago once had. She also stole some brazil-nut chocolates of mine. Rosie was a retriever and a lot bigger than you so they just went straight through and came out the other end minus the chocolate. And just like you she added insult to injury because I had to clear up the undigested nuts after her. Unfortunately for you being smaller, it’s taking longer for them to go through you and so your insides are suffering a little more.

How much longer will I feel poorly?

Not sure, but the one brazil nut you brought up this morning means there’s one less to go! I’ve checked online and you’re one lucky puppy that I only like chocolate brazils, as apart from almonds, they are the only nuts that are non-toxic to pups. And too much chocolate can kill puppies.

%*!@£^ … 

I wish I could believe you won’t steal again but for a pup who’s only 25% labrador you certainly exhibit the full percentage of the greediness trait. I s’pose I should be grateful you didn’t eat the cellophane wrapper too!

I need a snuggle ….

Come on then poorly girl. No lickies mind…
Version 2




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