Do Not Disturb

I’m no Tracy Emin and have no intention of airing my bed linen in public, so no photos to accompany today’s story. However I am bright eyed, bushy tailed and for the last three mornings have woken with much less stiffness and well rested.

On Wednesday morning I spent two hours in temperatures well north of 29℃ in snail paced traffic attempting to reach the Norfolk broads for my blind date with destiny. At the time my dis was well and truly gruntled but it was love at first sight and the moment we lay down together I knew it was a forever thing. My sincere thanks to Matt and Amy for bringing us together and although there was a little adversity in persuading my newly beloved into R0X1 with the three of us cajoling, it happened with less trouble than any of us originally thought. Daisy is not jealous, perhaps threesomes are her thing …

Yes, my mail order mattress, template conceived on rough-hewn car park tarmac, born in Essex and delivered at ShipShapeWorld in Norfolk, fits to perfection and is blissfully comfortable.

I am content!

😴😴😴       (for MoHos and caravans too! Highly recommended)


Only joking; here are some of Kings Lynn –



2 thoughts on “Do Not Disturb

  1. Oooh er missus!!!
    I was not sure if I had turned to many pages of my Mr Gray over!!!
    Phew its hot in ere!!

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