You’d have to go a very long way to find as peaceful and beautiful a retreat as the water gardens at Gooderstone in Norfolk. The Smart One loved it as there are 13 bridges crossing the waterways and with the site map he was able to visit and cross each bridge in number order; Aspie heaven! Construction began in 1970 by retired farmer Billy Knights on a meadow too wet to be grazed by cattle and was open to the public for 20 years until his death. His daughter began reconstruction in 2002 and the gardens were reopened in June 2003. We spent a couple of hours there and for me it wasn’t long enough.

Gooderstone Water Gardens

After Gooderstone we drove to Thetford forest to meet up with The Smart One’s paternal grandparents for a picnic. Sitting around a six seater picnic bench a game of kicking the football around under the table began, goals being scored if the ball went between the legs opposite and reached the area uncovered by the tabletop. With the score at 8-6 (winners would be the first side to 10; rules were made up during play) the losing side opted for a substitution and on to the field of play came the LWD (in actual fact she just decided to join in) and although she managed to nose 3 past her opposition she wasn’t quite Roy of the Rovers, the eventual score being 10-9.

LWD plays Noseball

🙂 🙂 🙂

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