National treasures

We were very glad to be travelling south given the miles of unmoving vehicles trying to head north, and our transfer to Norfolk, our second destination went smoothly. A few cars did invade our short convoy but were repelled without much difficulty, the best tactic being for the lead vehicle to slow down sufficiently for the invader to decide to overtake. The weather is not being quite as kind as last week but we are not down hearted; how can we be with our national pride so high for our Olympians?

Also in the news; I’ve had a call from Ship-Shape, the mattress is ready for collection, Daize’s ear is much improved, K’s virus is on the wane and the hab door lock has broken – again.

Yesterday we dodged heavy showers in Swaffham, a market town with a long history dating back to pre-Roman times, by visiting the local museum. As Swaffham was the home of Harold Carter amongst exhibits of local archeological finds, there is a room devoted to his Tutankhamen discoveries, one wonders what they might put into a room dedicated to its other very famous son, the national treasure who is Stephen Fry!

Swaffham Buttercross and Church.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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