Home alone

I read a newspaper article the other day that confirmed what many healthcare professionals have known for years – circadian rhythms rule. Research has proved (in poor little animals) that viruses contracted in the early morning lead to a more severe infection than viruses contracted later in the day. Well duh! The immune system is at it’s lowest ebb in the early hours and that’s been known for donkeys years.

And the significance of the above? K has a virus which I’m sure she contracted in the middle of the night – it’s been nasty and has mimicked Mumps; she’s got very swollen glands and looks a lot like a hamster with plenty of food stored!! Not nice at any time but especially un-nice when on holiday.

We left her to suffer alone in R0X1 and went off to Eden.

Eden camp was one of the first themed museums. Set in the original huts of a WW2 PoW camp which closed in 1948, each hut is devoted to a story. The familiar story of the rise of Naziism, the London blitz and the evacuation of city children and also (to me) the less familiar stories of bomb disposal, escape routes through Europe and year by year campaign details. Walk through a bombed street or a submarine, the exhibits are very lifelike. Fascinating stuff whatever your age.





Memorial to those resistance workers who lost their lives whilst helping British servicemen escape.


🙂 🙂 🙂










4 thoughts on “Home alone

  1. Fascinating M. Is now on my list to visit. Hope the patient better now. Me slowly settling into new van c/w fridge problems (bain of my life) & here in Scotland for the nxt month or so. xx

  2. Good day to you!!
    You sound like its all going on!!
    Hope the patient has improved?
    Glad you are still ‘trunndeling’
    All getting exciting now for our Celebrations…just trying to make sense of the seating plan!!
    Trev suggests we just open the doors and let the masses sit where they like!!! Oh what goes on in a blokes mind??? 😲😲😲
    Bless him…Dont think we will be getting back to Portugal as we thought.I went to the optitions for some new glasses and he gave me a strange look and asked “how did you get here today?”…..
    That bad!!
    I have cateracts in both eyes and so will be having them sorted in october..so we shall see (well I will be able to see)
    Trev is panicking , hes says I will be able to what he looks like now…😄😄😄…But of course ut will be too late.I will have already said I do.
    Keep intouch
    C u soon
    Much love..
    Ruby says Wooooff!! Xx

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