Girl power

An auspicious start to this years family (well half the family) holiday. Prior to our long journey I enlisted K’s help to deal with a R0X1 issue. Previous time out R0X1 came into contact with some metal railings, green metal railings, and the nearside rear indicator no longer worked. Repairs are severely delayed owing to Adria’s second shutdown of the year. The usual 6 week wait for parts will be extended by at least a further 2 weeks. Blow the legality (or not) of the situation I couldn’t bear hours of the extra fast clacking of the “indicator on” indication emanating from the dashboard indicating that the indicator wasn’t … I determined that Something Must Be Done. I won’t bore you with the full technical details but we two novice mechanics rectified the indicator situation and gaffer taped over the green scrape marks — and hole, oops!

The drive to the North Yorkshire dales was easy, it being mid-week, and the CS is more than adequate. The location is very rural, quiet, with spectacular views and the owners are extremely friendly. K and the Smart One hoofed it over to Cumbria on the second day so that she could visit friends and he could climb a big hill (Cat Bells). That night found me in a similar position to the same time last year in the Brecons, kneeling on my bed with my upper body outside the roof light watching the Percy’s shooting across the conveniently cloudless sky.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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