Resignation Honours (alternative list)

Just back from another visit to the Oxford canal, this time at Cropredy. The CS, interestingly, was on a field that is part of the civil war battle site of Cropredy Bridge, 29th June 1644. The result of the battle was indecisive but the Roundheads suffered many greater losses than the Royalists, about 700 men including desertions! BB is moored at Cropredy ready for the start of Fairport’s Cropredy Convention next week, Madness are headlining.

I proudly showed off, and BB dutifully admired, my recent DIY addition of shelves for my shoes in one of R0X1’s tall cupboards – the main learning point of the project being that the use of a spirit level in a MoHo is not advisable unless you’re a finicky-leveling-parker as I discovered the minute I’d drawn the first line for positioning the battening! We moved on to discussing other amendments I’d like to make and I asked him if it would be possible to bolt the mounting for a free standing removable round table to the floor. He thought it doable but wondered, as the current table couldn’t be made smaller because of the leaf extending mechanism, if would be easier to attach a small gate-leg table to the side wall. We went on a gate-leg table hunt round Banbury and soon were both feeling our age as not only did no salesman know what we were talking about, “drop leaf” tables are pretty passé. I felt a little dispirited as I really need to open up the living area in the van. Next morning I asked BB why we couldn’t cut some off the other end of the table, to which his response was a mumbled description of his hatred for smart arses. By evening the job was jobbed and BB exhausted; not only had he hacked and packed the (hollow) table he’d hauled the damn thing (the metal extending mechanism and support leg makes it a tad heavy and awkward to carry)  1/2 a mile up and back along the towpath between van and boat. The space gained is incredible, I no longer have to squeeze sideways past the table on my way into the cab and the whole area feels open and airy. Even at our respective ages, neither of us could believe the difference 8 inches makes!

So in appreciation of his efforts I have arranged for BB to be appointed Dame (well, it was a bit of a pantomime) Commander of the Most Excellent Order of Brotherly Exploits.

Congratulations Dame BB, DBE (panto)!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

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