Stopping (or not)

Leaving Swanage I took the rural roads north. I didn’t stop in Blandford, never have before and didn’t find sufficient reason to change that habit. I didn’t stop in Shaftesbury either, but then I’ve been there many times before; at school! I paused in a lay-by on the A303 (the one non-rural road I drove a few miles along) and took a couple of landscapes.

The view from the layby – A303

I stopped at Stonehenge thinking a wander round would be nice, stretch the LWD’s legs and have a bit of lunch. Well I had lunch in the car park and that was it … It would appear that English Heritage do not appreciate canines and they are not allowed anywhere near the monument. That put me off; then I discovered the charge of £18 to walk for half a mile to get to the monument and observe it at a distance, well I can do that from the road; decision made and the money stayed in my possession! Last stop before the campsite at Seend was in Melksham for a food shop.

Literally as I parked up and plugged in on site the rain started. It only lasted a few hours and today we’re back to the yellow blob in the sky that has become, unusually, a familiar sight of late. One of the things that drew me to this campsite is its proximity to the Kennet and Avon canal (about 100 yards). As a teenager I spent a weekend with my youth club friends helping clear part of the canal before it was reopened, don’t remember much about the clearing but we drank a fair bit of cider! Imagine my delight when walking with the LWD along the towpath at Caen Hill I found a lock dedicated to those who helped renovate the canal. I take my bow  – with or without cider!

Caen Hill Flight is a series of 29 locks, a rise of 237 feet in 2 miles taking around 5-6 hours to complete.

🙂 🙂 🙂

12 thoughts on “Stopping (or not)

  1. You didn’t fancy wild camping in the drove beside Stonehenge then !
    I’m determined to stop there one night just to say I’ve done it.

    1. Never even occurred to me – I’m sad like that. With my luck I’d be woken in the early hours and not so politely requested to move on!!

      1. It’s at that point you link arms with your fellow travellers, put a daisy chain in your hair and give two verses of “we shall not be moved”.
        I’m getting rebellious in my old age. Heck! we are thinking of going to a music festival if we can find one that caters for our age group. lol

  2. Look what you’ve started now. I mentioned Cropready to the extreme knitter and she’s up for it, so that will be our festival adventure for 2017.

  3. Yes and no, I’m not transporting her entire pattern collection to a music festival. lol
    We are thinking of going for the Saturday and taking advantage of the free camping for that night. Just to break us in gently to the festival scene.

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