A trip down memory lane. A blast from the past. A touch of nostalgia….

I’m sure most people think I’ve got a vivid imagination when I say “I used to live there” about a very wide variety of places but we moved around an awful lot when I was a child. The arrival of a load of tea chests, used for packing, was the final signal for an impending move and I was always alert for their arrival after about two and a half years! One of the places we lived for the usual 3 years was a small village between Wareham and Wool in Dorset. Pete and BB went to Swanage grammar school, travelling by train along the branch line from Wareham. We left not long before Beecham axed it, Dad a steam fanatic, huge IKB admirer and GWR devotee was furious. The house we lived in there was literally next to the main line to Weymouth and he never got through a breakfast without checking whether the Wessex Express was on time as it thundered past.

Yesterday I went into Wareham, an old wall town, and was delighted to find that it remains pretty unspoilt and the high street is not cluttered with too many chain shops. Even the old cinema, the Rex, has survived; looks as if it’s been divided into a 2 screener but the frontage remains as it was when I went there many thousands of moons ago! I got some fresh vegetables from the market down by the river where the old quay used to be and some Dorset Vinny (cheese).

The Blue Pool

After Wareham along with Daize I had a lovely long walk around the Blue Pool a beauty spot a couple of miles outside the town. It was very quiet there, most people taking advantage of the hot sunshine to spend the day on the beach. Set in a deep clay bowl, very fine clay in suspension in the water diffracts light in different ways, producing different colours sometimes green sometimes turquoise, sometimes both. It was exactly as I remember from childhood visits. After a meander through the trees and visits to both the little and big pools I was a little peckish …


🙂 🙂 🙂

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