Daize, Rox and I left the Car Park for 6 nights at Swanage on Friday. On the way we stopped at Salisbury to catch up with Steve, campal from Aix, fellow fulltime mohoroamer and blogger. I rescued him from sorting and stashing for a couple of hours. He’s just replaced dear old Sadie with a newer Rapido; quite a bargain with a very low milage to age ratio and an oven that’s never been used! We spent a couple of hours walking the dogs and catching up over lunch; nice one.


Unfortunately the BFF’s were not as nice, colour me snubbed. I waved like mad as I passed them – absolutely zero reaction. Why didn’t they wave back? I’m hurt, cut to the quick, upset and considering ending it all – the friendship that is. They had to have seen me, I was driving quite slowly and could see the festival tents very clearly from the main road, could only have been 1/2 a mile away …

Have a great time at Larmer Tree my friends, I’m very close to forgiving you!

🙂 🙂 🙂

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