(K)nights Templa(te)r

When I bought R0X1 I considered getting a different mattress as I knew the one that came with her wouldn’t last. Then, being a bit tightfisted, decided I’d wait until I’d had my moneys worth from the existing one. However the time has now come …

I’m ordering the custom-made replacement (all singing all dancing pocket sprung, foam topped jobbie) from a firm called Ship Shape and they will also make me some fitted sheets from the same template. So there I was this morning with my (vinegar and) brown paper ready to make the pattern. The instructions ordered me to place the brown parcel paper on top of the current mattress, tuck it down so it was tight, mark the paper on the edge of the mattress and then cut the paper along the magic lines to make the template. Simples.

Now, bear in mind the following;

       R0X1 has a raised rear across-van-width bed and there is a 70cm x 100cm gap via which one enters the bedspace.

       There are 2 steps to reach the bottom of this gap.

       I am vertically challenged at 156cms tall. (Ergo; I am unable to reach the far side of the mattress when standing on tiptoe on the upper step)

       To follow the instructions precisely I would have to crawl onto the mattress. Unfortunately the ensuing distortion of mattress due to my weight would make the template somewhat less than precise.

So between 11.00 and 12.00 hrs today I was to be found drawing around the mattress, having struggled single handed to get said mattress out of said 70cm gap, which I’d placed on the said brown paper – in the middle of the Car Park.

Get the picture? – well lucky for me there was no witness and no camera present.

🙂 🙂 🙂

10 thoughts on “(K)nights Templa(te)r

  1. Lucky it wasn’t raining whilst you were struggling with the brown parcel paper!!

    1. I shall be very nervous when I pick it up in a few weeks!
      Are you not blogging much at the moment Annie? I haven’t had a notification for ages? Hope all is well.

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