Iffy WiF(f)i

I’m just back in the car park having spent a few days with the BFF. R being a water rather than grass widow (S is away sailing) we had several girlie days in R0X1 (celebrating her second birthday on the 23rd) just outside Oxford. We did our usual stuff … talked and drank wine, pausing only to shop (with wine), lunch (with  wine), wine o’clock (with wine) … !

Afternoon tea (with tea) at Dinton Pastures

The site was conveniently just over the road to the park and ride into the city centre but that was about all that we liked about it. No hardstanding with hook up so, as the ground was very soggy, I elected to stay on the tarmac and we remained off grid – not a problem at all, but I’ve been spoiled by French and Spanish sites in the main having HWE, at least half decent showers (very dated tiny showers and loos on this site and no facility to empty grey waste directly) and not being literally right beside a busy train line with freight trains travelling through until very late and starting very early with railway works noisily taking up the night hours between.

WiFi was available in certain spots at extortionate rates so we missed the reaction to the most important news of the week, the Icelandic reporter’s to his team reaching the final stage of the European championship. (Hmm – are we still eligible to take part? Will we soon have to pay duty on bringing back wine from Europe?)


Farewell to the neighbours

This morning in a bid to comfort ourselves following the referendum result, we went into the city for a full English breakfast (without wine) although it might’ve been more appropriate to our mood of despondency to have eaten a farewell continental breakfast (with wine)!

🙂 😦 🙂

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