Midlands meander

R0X1 needed a bit of a push from BB this morning before she got a grip on the wet greasy grass and we were able to leave our home of the past five days. I wasn’t looking forward to the journey as the forecast threatened thunder, lightning, flash floods, in fact everything nasty except fog. I did briefly pass through a slight amount of drizzle but by the time I considered putting the wipers on the windscreen had dried. Daize and I arrived back in the car park in bright sunshine which continued all afternoon.

We’ve been lucky with the weather all week, with the exception of a downpour at Warwick Castle which we avoided with a timely lunch break; everywhere we’ve been it had either just stopped raining or it rained as we were leaving or just swilled it down all night.


BB had moored Blue Buzzard in a marina off the Oxford canal that also had a small campsite so I wasn’t off grid but over the previous weekend whilst still in the car park the leisure battery had worked faultlessly and didn’t need any more testing so I was pleased to have the umbilical cord attached! It was a lovely place to stay, quiet, the campsite being above the marina gave a great view of the narrowboats and the comings and goings, with good dog walks available and a central location, so we went out and about a bit.

Now when you’re out and about with BB driving you have to be aware that he has a compulsion to get lost at least once a day, and of course being male he is incapable of asking directions from even the friendliest of natives and wouldn’t waste his money on a sat nag. (He does use maps to navigate the canal system.) I was stunned when, as we were leaving to go to Stratford for a few hours, he handed me the road map and suggested I navigate.  We got to the outskirts of Bardic Bill’s hometown without any problem – come on, I’ve driven across whole countries without problem – except there was a problem. Stratford-upon-Avon was closed for the day, huge stationary queues, we later found out that there was some big bike race on, so we turned round and went to Banbury instead (no cock-horse to ride on so we made do with the Focus).

A fine Lady

The Fine Lady at Banbury X

I’d taken BB his bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, it was opened in great anticipation… he smelled… he pulled a face… he tasted… he spat… bloody thing was corked and the contents ended up in the cut… Call me Victoria, I was most definitely not amused, don’t think BB was too happy either. Thank heavens for the Intermarché sauvignon blancs at €4 a bottle I also had with me.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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