Currently sorted

Daize and I are back from a great few days visiting Torquay (sorry H&C, promise to visit next trip in July). We stayed naturally with J&B and Daisy and Millie enjoyed many a fun fracas, which generally managed to involve human legs. The weather was fantastic, not the warm but cloudy stuff that was forecast but full on hot sun! Unfortunately I had packed (we went by train) for cloudy and warmish  and ended up having to buy some shorts to keep cool.

I also (very unexpectedly, we’re talking of Torquay after all) found and purchased my outfit for The Wedding in September. Very chic. Well chuffed.

Whilst in France two minor problems were causing a mild rise in my anxiety levels. The first was an increase in and worsening of the vertigo, though I managed not to fall over and the headaches have stopped. The second was intermittent outages of R0X1’s 12v system leading eventually to total failure just 36 hours before I left for home.

Problem one I explained on the phone to my GP and he’s done what I wanted by referring me to ENT for a manoeuvre which will reset my balance. Can’t wait for the 5th July and the appointment. It’s really weird that I have two friends who also have had vertigo recently – good job the 3 of us didn’t go out together we’d’ve been arrested for drunk and disorderly.

Problem two I explained to Danny at Webbs and proved to be a broken clip which should have been holding the leads firmly to the battery terminals. That was sorted immediately with the application of a new clip.



Really glad the 12v is sorted as we are off grid next week for a few days by the cut with BB who’s moored near Daventry installing a new boiler in Blue Buzzard.

Bottle opener to the ready BB, we have a (non-vintage) Chateauneuf du Pape to demolish.

🙂 🙂 🙂





6 thoughts on “Currently sorted

  1. Good reading Maggie. Hope vertigo gets sorted as easily as the lectrics. Steve n Tanya

  2. Sorry to hear that vertigo is continuing. Hope you are able to get to the bottom of it quickly! Lovely photos, as always!

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