Tight security?

Last long run from Tours to Dieppe was uneventful, still some slight concerns about fuel but managed to get another 20 litres on the way. In light of what I heard on arriving UKside I’m glad I used a campsite for my pre-sail overnight stop. Woke up to a misty but calm morning and found a garage with unlimited fuel on the way to the ferry and a very smooth looking English Channel/La Manche.


Sunset at Tours

R0X1 was scrutinised by security inside and out, twice at Dieppe and once again by border control at Newhaven. They were searching everyone, obviously not looking for booze or tobacco products and this was vastly increased security so I asked the Chappie at Newhaven if there was an increased terrorist threat and he told me that “Clandestines” had been trying to get through via Dieppe and a couple had managed to reach Newhaven in the past week. As I drove away thinking about the searches which had involved 5 people, one of whom allowed the LWD to escape at Dieppe and run amok amongst the traffic, and included looking in overhead lockers, under the mattress and in the garage and I realised that not once had any of those guards looked in the shower, and you could squash 3 or 4 in there … or either of the 2 wardrobes …

The journey UKside was one of the worst I’ve ever had – signs at the top of the M23 alerted me and on K’s advice (she checked live online) I made the turn on to the M25 and took the next exit. Diverting through Reigate, Dorking and Guilford I encountered more traffic than I’ve ever seen before. Luckily slightly less traffic heading the same way as me. According to the AA’s figures later there was 50% more traffic than a usual Friday. Four hours to get from Newhaven … I was an emotional wreck when I arrived but the rapturous welcome was worth it.

Home for the summer …

🙂 🙂 🙂





6 thoughts on “Tight security?

  1. Glad your home safe n sound M. I will not be too far behond you. Slowly working my way to Cherborg. Take care. Steve & Tanya.

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