Top trip

Yesterday was a long run up the best looking motorway in Europe, spring flowers colourful and abundant in the mountain pastures and glorious weather. Stopped for lunch at Millau services and nearly overheated in the sun, then on through volcano country frequently at altitudes in excess of 1000m. Still some snow on the top of Puy de Sancy. Overnight stop just outside Clermont Ferrand.

Had some concerns about the fuel situation when I went to fill up this morning as there’s been a 4 day strike (What? – In France?) and fuel was rationed due to delivery disruption but further up country I was able to top up the tank, so no worries about running dry before Dieppe. Found a vet in the middle of nowhere and much to the littlewhitedog’s disgust she’s all prepped and the passport signed in all the correct places – never leave the surgery without checking …  So here we are at our fast becoming regular stopover in Tours and for once it’s not wet or windy here. This is the place with loads of rabbits, herself is rapidly cheering up!

Once again it’s been a fantastic trip, seen and photographed great things …

… met some lovely people and now I’m ready for a hug from those who matter.

🙂 🙂 🙂

4 thoughts on “Top trip

    1. Oh wow – that’s my part of the world! Eat loads of cream teas, jam on the scone first and the cream dolloped on top! Look forward to your thoughts on the south west peninsula- enjoy.

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