Little bits of Peter (part 1)

I wish I could say that the idea of what to do with my half of PHM’s ashes came all together in a flash of inspiration. However it’s an idea that had it’s roots in me having too full a suitcase to include his ashes on my recent trip to Torquay.

BB and I had a further round of discussions on where to scatter Pete’s ashes after our favoured plan to scatter them in the grounds around his bungalow in Papworth where he lived for nearly 40 years was politely refused.

As a result BB took half of them and scattered him around Keith’s grave. Pete had spent holidays with the family in Staffordshire for many years and he and Keith enjoyed lots of time together and got on (if you’ll pardon the fireman’s widow’s pun) like a house on fire. It was left to me to take the remainder and scatter them in Torbay perhaps putting some on the track between Paignton and Kingswear where our father’s ashes were scattered. This didn’t happen …

I suggested to BB that since Pete in his youth had been a bit of an adventurer, he did emigrate to Australia after all, it might be an idea if I scattered him in places whilst I’m travelling. BB agreed.

My plan feels perfect … maybe I didn’t add that weight to my suitcase for a reason.

When Pete was in his early twenties we lived in south Wiltshire and he used to practice his scrambling in the woods in the hills behind our house, the paths he used being very similar to the one that leads to the place where I’ve put half of his remaining ashes. It leads to a spot near a waterfall and the space is full of the sounds of the stream falling over the rocks and of birdsong, ground cover at the edge of the clearing is made up of rosemary shrubs. I believe it was Shakespeare who wrote “rosemary for remembrance”.

It was a gloriously sunny afternoon and I sat and remembered.

🙂 🙂 🙂

2 thoughts on “Little bits of Peter (part 1)

  1. Leaving Aix for Chateaux-neuf-du Pape tomorrow and then heading down the Gorge du Tarn, you’re going to be just a bit too far north. Would’ve been lovely to meet up, perhaps we can coordinate something another time … xxx

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