Waxing lyrical

Joy isn’t reserved for the obvious moments; the panoramic views, the historic buildings and monuments, visiting new places, revisiting preloved ones or even the meeting of friendly, warm people, all of which thankfully, happen frequently in my nomadic life. These moments I can photograph and share.

Joy is also in the small moments; catching sight of Daisy defiantly tight-curled up under the table asleep this morning, in case I try to take her on another long 3D hike today; watching a herd of wild boar, with youngsters, crossing a field in the dim twilight (really not much more than assorted sizes of snorting, snuffling shadows); investigating the difference between the leaves of the European and English oak; a smiling native helpfully correcting my french vocabulary, obviously pleased that I’m attempting to converse in her language. These moments I cannot photograph and perhaps they are all the more joyful in that they are solely mine in memory.

It’s such a shame that, for most of us, our working lives do not allow us time to notice and truly appreciate many such joyous moments.

Yesterday’s 3D hike? Steep hill and valley – repeat x4

🙂 🙂 🙂

3 thoughts on “Waxing lyrical

  1. Absolutely beautiful kiddo……. I’m fillin up!!

    No you are right though, people should try and get off the Merry go round and take a moment to look at the beauty that is all around us
    Making time for yourself is so very important. A girl friend of mine has just had a week up in the mountains near Lisbon in a retreat. Really back to Nature…. she enjoyed it but as soon as she got back to Blighty she was back into the shopping and running about scene. shame really.

    We are sat at the moment on the deck working but the peace and quiet is amazing, we have been on our very long walk early this morning with Ruby into the wild, so very very lucky to have this life hun. On the down side tho!!! Sheffield Wednesday are in the play offs tonight and Poor Trev is beside himself. so we are going into the town to watch it on sky……. so wish me luck , we will either be jumping for joy, or drowning our sorrows!! Plenty of falling down water!

    Keep enjoying your wonderful moments …
    Much luv n stuff xxxx

  2. Totally agree re the small moments in life…. It is when you stop working that you notice them. That said, a friend has found some diaries she kept of Interail trips, and there are some hilarious moments in that, and all the better for uncovering after 3 decades!

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