Robinson and Rigg

I’ve found an absolute gem of a site near Aix. It sits at the foot of the Sainte Victoire nature reserve with wonderful views of the mountain and under a kilometre to the nearest access point and a network of paths. The whole area is very tranquil, not quite a dark sky sector but very close. So I’ve put up the awning and settled in for 7-10 days to explore. Daize and I did our preliminary scout round yesterday and finding the first couple of kilometres of trail really hard going, I feared I’d let my fitness levels drop alarmingly, but I was fine once really into my stride and disappointed when it came time to turn round and come back due to doggy and human grub times and imminent sunset. Even at nearly 750 meters up Daize of course managed to make yet another human conquest; this time a charming French lady of vintage years striding out well. We had quite a conversation about the littlewhitedog (in French) and I was well chuffed I didn’t have to ask her to slow her speech down and even more chuffed by my replies popping out before I really thought about them. I may yet gain a degree of fluency …

Surprisingly, well to me but obviously not to the apiarist, I came upon some bee hives at that same height, I really shouldn’t have been surprised as there are wild flowers in abundance up there.


With supreme ingenuity and unsurpassed DIY and sewing skills the new voile mozzie/fly screen is, as of this morning, properly functional. My girl’s BFF (after gaffer tape, WD40, superglue and the Swiss army knife) is double-sided sticky velcro so one length of the curtain is velcroed to the door jamb the other side of the jamb has magnets superglued on with the side seam of the voile having the opposite half of the magnet sewn in making entry/exit for the human and her doggy owner easier and I’ve sewn lead “buttons” into the hem to weigh it down. I’ve tried commercially made fly screens but none of them exactly suit my needs; Heath Robinson and Jury Rigg would be proud of my homemade solution!

🙂 🙂 🙂

2 thoughts on “Robinson and Rigg

  1. You realise you’re making me one of those when you get home? After all, your littlewhitedog did destroy the existing one!!

    Oh, and you know that cold, wet weather you left behind? Well it didn’t hang around any longer than you did – blue skies and 21 degrees all the way baby!!

    K xx

    1. And who bought the existing one? My littlewhitedog was well within her rights to destroy it – don’t be such a cheapskate, they were £4.99 at the village shop last year!

      Oh, and I’ll take your 21º and raise you 5º! Daisy was not impressed with the heat today she stayed under the table until the temp. dropped.


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