It’s a musical life …

I didn’t quite have the four weeks I had in mind on returning to England. For a start it became five weeks and not for the best of reasons, I’d been back only 4 days when I went down with a nasty flulike virus. If you cast your mind back to my last post Dear Reader, you may remember I also mentioned headaches, falls and dizziness and bought new spectacles, well I can see a lot better but the headache did not disappear in the timespan allotted by the optician. When I finally got down to Devon my friend suggested I go to a physio specialising in vestibular problems – I did and she found that my problems are all to do with being a stiff necked individual, C1-4 to be precise! So I’ve been duly tortured, pummelled, thumped and brutally wrenched – but I have neck movement and my proprioception has returned – I no longer fall flat on my face without warning and the head/neckache is reduced – I can’t believe I willingly stayed an extra week and paid to suffer into the bargain and bought an expensive pillow to support my poor neck.

However there is always a bright side and I saw, and hugged, the majority of my nearest and dearest tho’ some for not as long as I’d hoped – sorry BB xx. Managed to find time to do some serious shopping too. Vis – an iPad and a bluetooth speaker so as I write I’m bouncing around to all my favourite music downloaded from my CDs (sorry for any typos!). I bought the threatened curtains and made toning tiebacks. Bought a voile panel to act as a hab. door mozzie barrier, put same up on a rod and added another (matching) tieback – it’s all looking very cosy and unvanlike in here now. Despite her continued vandalism to stuffed anything, Daize was not left out. I bought her a Vetbed to replace the eaten previous (stuffed) bed. Vetbed is a very plush deep pile rug with a nonslip backing (excellent for van floors) and she seems very taken with it, by which I mean she hasn’t (yet) eaten it. R0X1 was also treated – serviced, new windowed, de-junked (everything I haven’t used in the time I’ve had her is off so we’re a wee bit lighter) and a bit of a spring clean.

Once again we managed to get a learner driver on the ferry and stabilisers were the order of the day, tho’ with my balance sorted I didn’t have the nausea of the trip home. Dieppe our overnight stop is bitterly cold and wet and I’m hoping to get a long drive in tomorrow to get us somewhere a bit warmer. Eventual destination is Perpignan. It’s been a long day today, up at 5.30 and we’ve also changed time zones so I’m for an early night – if I can stop bouncing (and head banging!) to the music …

Interior pics taken with my other purchase – Lumix compact camera.

🙂 🙂 🙂

14 thoughts on “It’s a musical life …

  1. Great to have you back on line and that you are feeling better I wish you a peaceful and enjoyable trip I enjoy your blogs also admire your getting what you love out of life Tom

  2. Looks great, and goodness!–glad you are feeling better. Sounds like an ordeal. Glad you are back on the road and look forward to your adventures.

      1. I will never stop being an Arsenal fan, and I really hope I can get to a couple of matches next year, but I will stop this blog at the end of May. I do have the bug though. I’ll will do some blogging. Just not sure what!

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