Back in the Car Park.

Dieppe/Newhaven is my new route of choice. The port is smaller and the staff friendlier than Calais. No getting your pet out of the vehicle, subjecting them to stranger danger and stressing them out before you start, the reader for the animal chip is passed through the window for you to use.  The crossing was a bit lumpy which didn’t help my migraine any but her littlewhitefurriness suffered no ill effects and although the weather on landing was rather less than springlike, in pitch black with the wet stuff coming down in stair rods and patchy fog, bow doors open to home still took only 2 hours.

Arriving in the Car Park as the family streamed out and cars were moved to make room for R0X1, the Smart One stood opposite the cab waving his arms wildly over his head. Glimpsing the lunatic (affectionate description) Daize woofed once, it then dawned on her who the lunatic was and her eager whining and whole body wagging equalled the outside lunatic behaviour. A whole lot of hugging ensued. We ended up with 6 adults, 1 child and four dogs for the (very wet) Easter weekend – almost enough for 1/2 a Spanish family …

I’ve been roundly told off by my optician for not having my retinal screening done regularly, for buying over the counter readers (apparently my right eye needs twice the correction of my left and I’ve been putting my eyes under too much strain), I should be wearing my varifocals nearly all the time and I must drink more (water) as my eyes are dry. Serves me right for telling her about my frequent generalised headaches and increasing migraines. Apart from the above my eyes are in tip top shape, new glasses arrive next week and with their arrival hopefully an end to the headaches. (6 days and counting for this current migraine – luckily it’s not disabling.)

I’m not the only one having running repairs. R0X1 is in the garage having a service, hab check, kitchen window replacement and a new hab door lock, the dodgy lock having given up the ghost 2 days before we sailed for home. Luckily the door still locked from the inside so it wasn’t a big security issue.

Future plans are to spend April catching up with loved ones and we’re booked to sail back to France at the end of the month.

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “Back in the Car Park.

  1. Ayup Tattilashes!!!

    So glad to hear you and Daize landed safely…..
    We are still Languishing here in the sunshine, getting really hot now still a bit windy, we managed to get back to the Uk for a week for Trev’s daughters wedding, but soooooooooooooooooo glad we are back here!!
    Lots of peepes packing up and heading off now though. Neil and Linda send their best regards, they are leaving in 2 weeks time, but will be back in October.
    We will be packing up at the end of may and making our way back to Blighty ;(
    We have lots to sort out on our return so we shall be busy. The office , our wedding, and we are thinking of packing all up and living in our Caravan!! Crazy but hey ho,,,,, much fun too!!

    Will close now hunnibee and see you on 30 th September, get you dancing shoes on Matey

    Lots of Luv n stuff from us xxxx

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