Pillow complaints

Hey Mum.

Yes Daize.

What is it with these French vets, that other one wasn’t nice last year? I mean the Spanish one hurt my ear but at least he made it better. There was nothing wrong with my throat or my bottom last year and today that injection hurt.

It’s not the French vets’ fault. You have to blame the government.

You blame the government for most things …

But government regulations state that your passport has to be completed to say you’re healthy, so you have your temperature taken and a quick examination, and that you don’t have echinococcus worms, so you’re given a tablet or an injection. The French vets have to do those things and then they can stamp your passport and we can go home.

Rather stay here than go through that. (mumble)

But then you wouldn’t be able to snuggle with K, the Smart One, or J and B.

But it’s really nice here, there’s loads of rabbits to chase – oops, sorry about yanking your arm earlier …

Apology accepted. But you wouldn’t be able to play with Milly either. Or Sam and Sally.

OK. When are we going?

Three more sleeps.

Oh good. Snuggle?



Certainly not.


🙂 🙂 🙂

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