Dog tired.

Sunday was a beautifully warm blue-sky day and I led Daize on a forced march totalling 7 miles, all along the prom to the north, up a steep hill climb to a viewpoint and then all the way back via a rather nice beachside restaurant for lunch – mine not hers. Whilst coming back down from the viewpoint I managed to spot, well could hardly miss, tho’ thankfully given their poisonous rep Daisy did, the next stage in the life of the pine processional moth. Having seen the larval nests in the pine trees near El Chorro, I now saw the caterpillar procession coming down the steps.

Unfortunately Monday was not so sunny  when I led Daize out again. My last trip, for this trip, into Barcelona. We took the bus into Barça and back but I force marched her about 5 miles around the city taking in Gran via Corts Catalones, Parc Joan Miró, Plaça d’Espanya, Ave de Maria Christina, Palau National, Montjuic, La Ramblas and Plaça Catalonya. For a dog who doesn’t do cities, she did pretty well (but she really does not like skate boards -much too noisy … )  I once again let her drag me up hundreds of steps to yet another viewpoint and once again took her to a restaurant for my lunch! It was well past her food time when we got back and after she’d eaten she lay unmoving on the sofa and only grunted slightly as, hours later, I moved her loglike personage to bed.

Unsurprisingly she was too tired to accompany me on the trip into Mataro this morning for a final sight seeing tour of the town and a visit to the art gallery. The gallery is a restoration of one of Gaudí’s first projects, a textile factory which was all that was built of what was intended to be a complex around the factory for the workers to live and their children to go to school, the age old story of insufficient funding. The restoration work has made a fabulous gallery which was opened specially for us as they are currently in the middle of changing the exhibition. On my return to R0X1 I swear the smug littlewhitedog gave me a serves-you-right smile at the sight of me soaking wet, having very un-Englishly gone out without rainwear or umbrella.

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “Dog tired.

    1. 😊 A character she certainly is!

      Last day in Spain today – after 7 months away we head through France and the ferry on the 24th. Easter with the family 🤗 then after a trip round family and friends probably a tour of Scotland.

  1. Barcelona is a great city. We were based on a yacht in the marina a few years ago, though I don’t think we were quite so cultural as you!
    Interesting to see the caterpillars too. Had heard lots about them but never seen them.
    Happy travelling.

    1. Nearest I get to a yacht is Big Bruv’s narrow boat …

      The dreaded PPMs apparently only live as adults for one day; imagine that, only one measly day after you’ve spent your teenage years with your nose stuck up someone’s bottom and someone else’s nose up yours!!!

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