Not to be sneezed at.

Wednesday was wet and cold so a cozy day at home was called for, which I quite appreciated as it gave me time to finish the redecorating. As my regular reader may remember I’ve taken to demagnetising fridge magnets and velcro-ing them to overhead locker fronts so some of the prints of my photos had to make way. A serious critique took place, some got moved but others didn’t make the cut. In my bedroom the colours of my African photos didn’t really go with the new bedding and sort of summery thing I’ve got going in R0X1, so they came down too.

Never mind prints in an hour, the shop in Mataro does enlargements in 5 minutes! Excellent colour reproduction and really good quality paper. The new prints (in rather more relaxing colours than the bright oranges and reds of vivid African sunsets) are now on the front of the bedroom lockers where I can see them rather than behind the bed, and some monos are on the outside of the bathroom door. I may get one of my panoramas printed when I get back home – my Spanish language skills not being quite up to the task of ordering non-standard size printing.

I’m happy with the new look (but the curtains should be seriously concerned)

But all is not totally hunky-dory in my peripatetic world. I have a problem. I may well be in the middle of the longest hay fever season known to woman. It started in Portugal at the end of January and as I move north spring continues to follow me and periodically catch me up. My allergy to early tree sap, tho’ reasonably mild, causes me to sneeze more violently and frequently than any woman of my years would feel comfortable with and I’ve got another six or eight weeks to go!

Is it worth it? Hell yea – a-a-a-choo!

🙂 🙂 🙂

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