A day of surprises

Yesterday morning I caught the shuttle bus into Barcelona for a day of culture. Miro was first on my list followed by another Gaudí fix at Casa Battlo. I wandered down La Rambla, turned right towards the funicular to go to the Miro museum and found myself outside Palau Guell, another Gaudí building. I’d dismissed this one (and several others) in favour of Casa Battlo but surprised myself by going to the ticket window. I parted with my pensionista’s €9 and was inside almost before I realised what I’d done. Gaudí’s work keeps even this quirk addicted pensionista satisfied but I was a little disappointed with the low light levels inside. I understand the necessity for the almost closed blinds, over time the intense sunlight would bleach some of those wonderful features but I don’t have to like it, especially after the light and airiness of Sagrada Familia. It wasn’t a waste of those nine little euros tho’.

Palau Guell

As I came out I thought about continuing to the museum but it would’ve taken away from what I’d already seen, so I turned back up La Rambla to head for Casa Battlo. My next surprise was not a pleasant one – crossing the road I tripped over the kerb on the other side and landed flat on the pavement. Everyone around was very kind and helpful and I was too winded to feel embarrassed by all the attention. Luckily the camera round my neck was undamaged, as was I tho’ a little sore. (Why is it that when I was younger I would’ve been able to recover my balance and probably not fallen, certainly not as heavily as I did?) I stopped at the next cafe for some recovery time and a little tapas as it was past lunchtime.

After lunch I surprised myself again by doing a little classy window shopping. Haute couture and diamonds by the yard, tho’ lovely to look at, didn’t call to me – wouldn’t fit in with my relaxed and easy lifestyle, but I did succumb to the temptation of some practical shirts in Benetton.

Time was now getting on and I needed to get back to the Fluffy One so I blew off Casa Battlo ’til next week and put myself through the anxiety inducing experience of navigating my way back to the site via a foreign public transport system with all signage in a language I don’t understand. (Why do I do this to myself?) With only a little help I returned by train to Mataro and the shuttle van stop outside the station. The site’s van does a circuit and as we pulled up in the town centre I had my final, and most pleasant, surprise of the day. Looking at the passengers waiting to board I spotted a familiar pair of faces and enjoyed the looks of stunned surprise as they spotted me; Kay and Dave, my neighbours at Moraira a week or so ago, had arrived for an overnight stop not knowing I was on this site ! Their pitch was on the opposite side of this site to mine, had I (or they) not caught this particular bus we would’ve missed each other completely. We spent a very enjoyable catch up wine o’clock and they popped round again this morning before leaving for home. I’m sure we’ll bump into one another again before too long.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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