Traffic light circus

One of the joys of this campsite is that in either direction it’s easy to walk into the towns. North 2km is Sant Andreu de Llavaneres and south 4km, towards Barcelona, is the bigger town of Matáro. The Spanish authorities are pragmatic, believing that if left to their own devices their citizens are quite capable of making sensible decisions about their own safety. If these citizens decide that it is safer to walk at the side of the railway line, trains every 10 minutes, than at the side of a very busy main road, constant fast moving traffic  – so be it, and save the cost of employing all those safety elves. It’s actually a very nice walk with the rails on one side and the sea crashing on to the sea defences on the other. Tunnels under both track and road provide a safe way to cross.


Outskirts of Sant Andreu

Yesterday’s walk in to Matáro for wine o’clock and then back also included another example of municipal pragmatism – if you wish to perform your acrobatics in the middle of the road – go ahead!  These young lassies had done their research, their excellent performance was perfectly timed to the traffic light sequence and even allowed for an elegant bow and a quick walk between the cars to collect contributions. I gave my contribution whilst the lights were at green!

Traffic light circus, Matáro

🙂 🙂 🙂

4 thoughts on “Traffic light circus

  1. Splendid example of human energy and a way to be gainfully employed! Good for them. How long do you think the tax elves will take to find them, or even the health and safety fairies. LOL

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