Pillow talk (Annie’s request)

I don’t like this very windy wind. It’s too bumpy.

Not particularly keen on it myself, Pup.

Is that why we’re having a pyjama morning?

Pretty much.

I like having snuggles in the morning – it seems a bit naughty.

You like everything that seems a bit naughty.

Shame I haven’t got any pyjamas. I’d look good in a red pair.

You look good in just your fur, in fact I said in my last blog you are at your gorgeous scruffy best at the moment.

You did?

I did, and one of my readers asked to see a photo of you looking your gorgeous scruffy best.

Ahhh …

Her gorgeous shaggy furred self

🙂 🙂 🙂

8 thoughts on “Pillow talk (Annie’s request)

    1. Shush – she might hear, don’t want her to get too vain! She’s never known anything other, since she was 11 weeks old R0X1 has been home to her.

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