Orange and Blue

I do pick ’em. One campsite in France last year was at Sillé Guillaume which I dubbed Silly Willy, I’m now at a place called Peniscola. I leave it to your imagination Dear Reader…

I’m at my last site before Barcelona so the last couple of drives and the next have been/will be longish and somewhat boring. So as one of my favourite colour combinations in photographs is orange and blue I was delighted with Moraira, my last stop, for presenting me with an unexpected photo op.

Moraira is a delightful place, very green with great views and atmosphere. The campsite there has blissful showers – drench heads, no time limit, very spacious, beautifully hot water – and with some more nice friendly folk on the site it was a lovely couple of days. Definitely a revisit site if I come this way again. Yesterday was cold and windy tho’ with a few showers and I judged it time for comfort food – yummy English sausage and mash in an ex-pat (or should I say immigrant?) run cafe. They tried to entice Daize, who finally has enough fur to be looking at her gorgeous scruffy best, to stay by giving her heaps of treats but we want to be togevva!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

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